How Do Roof Coatings Prevent Leaks?

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Roofing leaks are perhaps the most frequent and the most uncomfortable roofing issues, but if they are addressed in a timely manner and if the right type of preventive measures are taken, they can be solved for good. Here is how roof coatings can help with the process.

How Do Roofing Leaks Develop?

Roof leaks develop when the integrity of the roof becomes compromised and water from rain or melted snow can find its way into the deeper layers of the roof. The cause for the damaged integrity can be anything from components removed by a recent storm to damaged components, such as cracked, buckling or curling elements, dents caused by hail or airborne debris, clogged gutters or the roof’s natural aging. When the weakened or damaged roofs let water seep underneath the topmost layer of the roof, the damage caused will not stop at the roofing surface – it will gradually affect the roof’s underlying structure, too, then it will make its way all through to the ceilings of the rooms in the building.

How Roof Coatings Work

Roof coatings are products used on the surface of the roof, most commonly on flat, metal and built-up roofs, with the purpose of enhancing the roof’s water resistance and its ability to withstand the harmful effects of solar radiation and thermal changes.

Roof coatings come in many different types, some of them being more suitable for areas where thermal protection is a requirement, while others, such as silicone, bitumen and asphalt coatings being more suitable for enhancing the roof’s water resistance and helping with leak prevention.

Another aspect that you should pay attention to when choosing your coating product is the color. White or light color coats reflect heat, while dark coatings absorb it – while the coating’s reflective properties are not in a direct relation with the roof’s resistance to leaks, choosing the coat of a color that is suitable for the climate conditions in the application area will prolong the roof’s lifespan by maintaining its strength and a strong roof is a roof that resists the actions of water, too.

How the Roof Coating Should Be Applied

Whatever type of roof coating material you choose, it must be applied on a clean and intact roof. This means that the first step to be taken care of before applying the coating on the roof is to clean, have flat roof repair Chicago experts inspect and repair the roof. The roofing surface needs to be freed from any type of debris, then the damaged components found during the inspection need to be replaced. When the roof is clean and its integrity has been restored, it is time for applying the roof coating. Most coating products come in foam or liquid form and are applied either from airtight spray cans or with rollers, in a process that is usually very quick.

To make sure that the coating on your roof protects your building’s topmost layer of defense for years, you need to make sure that the coating is refreshed as indicated in the product’s description, usually at 5 or 10-year intervals.