Are Window Shutters Useful?

Denver Window Replacement Shutters

Window shutters are very popular and available in a wide variety of materials and designs so you can choose what suits your home best. Used since a very long time, window shutters have been primarily designed to protect against weather and ensure security and privacy, while allowing light and air to penetrate into the room.

They also create an attractive visual effect – neat on the exterior and sophisticated on the interior, due to the alternation of shadows and lights, provided by most types of shutters. They not only protect against direct sunlight, but also act as a sound insulator, while providing additional protection to the windows.

You can also improve the energy efficiency of your windows by having Denver window replacement contractors install shutters. They can significantly reduce airflow and improve the comfort of your home, by reducing heat loss during winter and preventing the sun from sending its beams through your windows, in the summer.


Types of window shutters

According to the opening system, shutters can be swinging or rolling. As about the materials used, shutters are typically made of wood, PVC, steel or aluminum. Although most of the time people opt for wooden shutters, because they offer good thermal insulation, the other materials are easier to maintain and even more practical.

Exterior vinyl shutters are currently the most common, efficient and affordable on the market. Their appearance has evolved with the architectural trends, so you can find them in different models and colors which will make your choice quite easy. Vinyl shutters are the ideal option for all those who want to provide additional protection to their windows and home in general.

Roller shutters have a system that allows opening them without opening the window too. This blinds-like system allows total or partial opening of the shutters, so you can adjust the amount of light that will penetrate the room. Moreover, the system can be mechanical or automatic. To be rolled more easily, roller shutters are typically made of easy-to-handle materials such as aluminum or PVC. Whether they are used at home or in an office, their utility is multiple: they provide shade and protect the windows from dirt, wind and other damage. In addition, they can also provide increased safety because they can be fitted with an anti-burglary system.

Swing shutters have hinges mounted vertically and therefore they open like windows, but also benefit from a partial folding system. The most commonly used material in this case is wood, which is why they can be often seen in traditional homes. Their appearance can be customized to people’s needs, so they can be compact (totally opaque) or formed of several horizontally positioned slats which allows the air and the light to partially enter the house even when the shutters are closed. Swing shutters can be easily customized or refurbished, as wood is a material that can be sculpted and painted in various ways. The disadvantage, however, comes from the fact that they cannot be closed or opened from the inside, unless you also open the window.