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How Do Restoration Companies Fix Water Damage In My Basement?

If you want a sustainable construction you have to consider that, in the long run, water can be one of the biggest enemies of your house. People protect their roofs with high-performance coatings or by waterproofing the materials, they also protect the walls with mortars, paints and special plastering, but how about basements? One thing is for sure: you should not ignore this space in your home, because it is almost permanently in contact with water from rainfalls or from sources that already exist in the ground.  Basements play an extremely important role in supporting the construction.

Water can be destructive, especially when it invades a house or when it is subject to freeze-thaw cycles that act on the physic and chemical characteristics of materials, altering them. Also, water corrodes the reinforcement structures, so it has the potential to deteriorate the resistance structure, reduce the efficiency of thermal insulation and cause the appearance of mold and mildew, which can affect your health by contaminating the air that you breathe every day.

When the basement is flooded there are additional dangers that may occur: electrical cables and installations can be damaged and the risk of electric shock increases. Also, the walls may become unstable.

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In these cases, the owner should call a water damage Denver restoration company able to take the best decisions, which will work on fixing your flooded basement.

If the water in the basement is only a few centimeters deep, then it will be safely pumped, but if the level is higher, additional protective measures must be taken. First, the water must be prevented from entering the basement and only then the specialists will start pumping it, otherwise they can cause major damage to the walls of your house, which is not a risk to take into consideration.

A restoration company has trained and experienced personnel who should be able to keep everything under control. They will know how to turn off all power sources before draining water to avoid electric shock. They will also deal with taking everything out of your basement, because the freer it is, the better they can work to drain the water and get faster results.

Restoration companies also have the necessary equipment to deal with water damage in your basement. The water that normally enters the basement, in the event of flooding, is dirty water and therefore it must be evacuated using submersible waste water pumps that are not sensitive to larger particles of impurities. There are particularly strong and robust waste water pumps that can reduce the water level up to 35 mm.

If your basement presents more serious problems, and you may also need to dry the walls and restore the waterproofing layer, a restoration company can help you with this too. Given the complexity and impact of the works required to restore your basement affected by water damage, finding a good restoration company is the best thing you can do, which will save you from a lot of work and stress.