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What Makes a Composite Window a Good Choice?

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Having good quality windows is essential for the lasting comfort of your home as well as for creating an energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing environment on your property. If you are currently browsing window options, you surely know by now that the material that the frame is made from is just as important as the number of the panes, but selecting the right frame option is a much more complex process than deciding on the thickness of the multi-glazing panel. To make it easier for you to select the right frame type, here are the features offered by composite frames.

What Are Composite Frames Made from?

The term “composite” refers to materials that are composed from more than one constituent, usually components with different physical and chemical properties. When mixed, the constituent materials create a material that is stronger, durable and more versatile than its components.

When the term is used to refer to window frame materials, it denotes a combination of wood and fiberglass or it refers to frames that use two distinct materials, such as wood on the interior for enhanced aesthetics and vinyl on the exterior to enhance the frame’s ability to withstand harsh weather.

The Benefits of Composite Windows

Composite window frames are among the best options for a number of features:

  • Resistance to the elements – composite frames can stand up to a lot, including wind, rain, snow, strong solar radiation and wide temperature variations;
  • Resistance to rot and insects – composite is impervious to rot as well as to insects, such termites that can cause such damage to wooden building components;
  • Strength – composite is a very strong material, therefore it is often the best option for large windows;
  • Durability – good quality composite windows can last for up to four decades without cracking, warping or sustaining any damage;
  • Energy-efficiency – the materials used in composite are all excellent insulators that give the window frames made from composite the ability to minimize the energy exchange between the room and the exterior environment;
  • Low maintenance – composite windows need almost no maintenance at all, the only task necessary being occasional cleaning;
  • Design variety – composite windows come in a very wide array of colors, textures and styles, from sleek, minimalist styles to elaborate designs that feature lots of details;
  • Environment friendly options – window manufacturers often use recycled materials for making composite frames and the frames can also be recycled at the end of their lifespan, therefore composite is an excellent choice for environment-conscious customers;
  • Affordability – composite is the second most affordable window frame material, with prices just a little higher than vinyl, the cheapest option available today.

If the benefits offered by composite frames have raised your interest, but you need help with the selection of the right product, the best way to proceed is to turn to a professional window contractor for replacement windows near me. Most contractors provide consultation for free and they will also measure the openings for which you need new windows to make sure that that the order for the windows is placed using the right parameters.