Why Are Used Bobcats So Popular for Landscaping

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Bobcats – skid steers named after one of the most popular brands – are among the most common pieces of equipment used not only on construction sites, but also for a variety of landscaping projects. Today, Bobcats are available not only directly from manufacturers – there are many companies that offer used machines in excellent condition, making access to the wonderful features offered by these powerful little pieces of equipment easier and more affordable for anyone. Here are some things to know about Bobcats and about the features that account for the huge popularity of these relatively small, but incredibly feature-rich and versatile machines.

What Are Bobcats?

Bobcats are compact construction machines that can be fitted with a variety of accessories to perform different jobs and that can be used to navigate even difficult terrain and narrow spaces that are inaccessible for larger machines. Most Bobcats are diesel powered and they come in varieties that run on wheels as well as inversions that run on tracks to increase maneuverability on difficult terrain.

The Types of Projects That Bobcats Can Be Used For

In their basic form, Bobcats are compact earth moving and demolition machines fitted with a bucket in the front, but these sturdy little machines can be easily fitted with other accessories that make them double for a variety of other machines. The list with the type of projects that Bobcats can be used for is very long. Here are some of the most common landscaping tasks that Bobcats can handle efficiently with the right type of accessory attached:

  • Site preparation for landscaping purposes – one of the most common tasks handled by Bobcats is site cleaning and site preparation before other landscaping tasks. You can use your Bobcat to cut and to remove the dried plants and other vegetal debris to perform an accurate evaluation of the terrain to be transformed during your landscaping project. Bobcats being so easy to navigate and being suitable for very fine movements, they can be safely used around large trees without having to be concerned about hurting the trunks or the roots of those trees.
  • Hauling – Bobcats can also do an excellent service when trees are cut and the logs need to be removed.
  • Ground leveling – fitted with the right type of leveling attachment, you can rely on your bobcat to straighten the surface of the soil. In most cases, the soil will need to be loosened before you can start the leveling process with the help of your Bobcat, but some machines are suitable for that process as well.
  • Preparing the landscape for turf installation – the process usually involves the removal of the top layer of the soil to replace it with new, more fertile ground or the loosening of the surface. You can use your bobcat for both.
  • Demolition – Bobcats can also be used for small demolition work, such as the removal of fences existing on the job site or for tearing down smaller buildings such as sheds. After the demolition work is complete, you can also use your Bobcat to remove the debris, leaving the landscape clean and free from obstacles.

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