Tips and New Ideas in Fence Design

Fences, whether used for surrounding your commercial or your residential property, serve several important purposes, including marking your property’s boundaries, making your place secure, protecting your privacy and enhancing your property’s curb appeal. While traditional designs are great for fulfilling all these roles, there are lots of new fences Denver design ideas that you can also be efficiently used for creating an edgy, sturdy and secure fence for your property – here are some.

Horizontal Slats and Contrasting Colors

While traditionally, the only way to install fencing slats was horizontally, modern, edgy designs use horizontal slats for really attractive appearance. Many fencing materials come in a wide range of colors and textures or can be painted to any color, so you can further enhance the appearance of your horizontal fence with contrasting colors, such as combining black or dark brown slats with white posts can further enhance the stunning, attractive look.

A Classic Material in Sleek, Modern Style – Wooden Slats

While wood can be used for creating rustic fences, the material is also suitable for creating edgy, modern designs. Smooth, even slats made from cedar or some other variety of durable wood installed in a metal frame or between sleek metal or masonry posts work great for any property.

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Patterned Concrete

The slightly industrial look of wall-like concrete fences can be softened with patterns and geometrical shapes carved into the concrete. A concrete fence is perfect for all the purposes that a fence can possibly fulfill – it is durable, it provides all the security that you need and with a little creativity, it can be made very attractive.

Alternated Brick and Metal Elements

One way to combine the two materials is to alternate them. Build a brick wall of about three feet in width, then install metal slats of the same width, then add one more brick section, followed by a metal section and continue until you build the desired width. The solution is great if you have an old brick fence, too – you can save a lot of work by replacing only certain sections of your brick wall with metal. To further enhance the look of your fence, use two neutral, matching tools – one for the brick section and one for the metal.

A Bamboo Fence

Bamboo might look frail and fragile, but in fact it is one of the strongest, most resistant building materials. The most attractive bamboo fences are the ones that include the bamboo into a strong frame made from wood or metal – if you have a bamboo supplier near you, you can decide to make your own fence or you can turn to a supplier of fence materials and buy ready-made panels.

Gabion Fencing

Gabion walls consist of natural stone in a metal cage and they are among the sturdiest, most durable fencing solutions available today. Gabion fences feature a sleek appearance, but if you don’t like the slightly industrial appearance, you can choose to plant some variety of durable and resistant climbing plants or shrubs that will soon cover your wall and transform it into a rustic green fence.