used forklifts Colorado

Why Should You Consider Buying A New Forklift?

Moving around heavy machinery and palletized merchandize requires a lot of force and this is exactly why forklifts were invented. They have a simple design and are capable of lifting, retrieving and setting down even sensitive items without damaging them.

Forklifts are used by various businesses: manufacturing plants, distribution warehouses, and construction sites – in general, any kind of activity that involves moving around batches of merchandize. When you look at the general market for forklifts, you will notice that you can lease equipment, buy it new or used. Most companies prefer owning their forklifts. The question is: should you consider buying a new forklift or a used one?

used forklifts Colorado

Is It Worth Spending Money on a New Forklift?

There is a significant difference of price between a new forklift and a used one – anywhere between 30% and 50%.  However, there are definite benefits of choosing to pay more for a brand new forklift. These are some of the most important for you’re your business:

  1. You Get Full Warranty If You Buy a New Forklift

Used forklifts Colorado options usually have a limited and short term warranty. Once it expires, you have to bear the full cost of repairs when the forklift breaks down – and it is likely to do so as it ages.

New forklifts have a warranty of up to 3 years. This is very important for a company that has many forklifts in operation. Repair costs can stack up if several of them break down.

  1. New Forklifts Have Superior Performance

Consider a brand new car and a used one. The new car has lots of safety and entertainment features, has lower emissions, its engine is more efficient and you get more mileage.

The same is true for forklifts. New models are designed to tackle heavier loads and offer great precision in maneuvering. If your employees have to move and stack sensitive or valuable items, they will do so with greater confidence with a new forklift.

  1. Improved Safety Features for Operators

Labor accidents can cost you a lot and they will damage the good reputation of your company. Used forklifts have very basic, even outdated safety equipment and functions.

New forklifts incorporate the latest technologies that protect not only the operator, but also the bystanders who may be in its way. Your workers will be able to avoid many potential accidents by relying on automatic braking, proximity warning beeps and other safety features incorporated in the forklift.

  1. You Need Specialized Accessories

As businesses advance, their challenges and requirements change, as well. Thus, the basic forklift fork is no longer sufficient to handle modern plastic pallets or storage containers. You need various gripping and tipping accessories, and these are available only for new forklift models.

  1. Custom Mast Height Requirements

Warehouses tend to develop in height, because real estate prices are prohibitive for businesses who want toe expand their operations. Thus, you have to store and handle more merchandize on the same available surface.

This means that you have to order a customized new forklift with a higher mast. This precludes buying a used forklift, because it would be very difficult to adapt it to your needs.