commercial roofing contractor Kansas City MO

Sure-fire Ways to Help Protect Your Commercial Roof from Storm Damage

Your commercial roof is an important and valuable asset, the building component that protects your building and its contents from the elements. Commercial roofs are built to last and to endure a lot, but with storms becoming increasingly frequent and increasingly strong these days, they need help to be able to stand up to the strong winds, heavy raining and frequent hail that comes with storms. While you cannot ensure complete storm protection to your roof, there are many things that you can do to enable your roof to survive storms with as little damage as possible – here are some tips.

commercial roofing contractor Kansas City MO

Clean and Inspect Your Roof and Your Gutters Before the Stormy Season

A commercial roofing contractor Kansas City MO professional suggests that proper roof maintenance is the best way to minimize the risk of storm damage on your roof. The process should involve the cleaning of the roof surface and of the gutters, the detailed inspection of the roof to identify weak point and already existing damage and the repair of any fault right away. While the process seems simple, you should hire a roofer to do it for you – many roofs are unsafe to step on, therefore they can only be cleaned with the help of tools that seem special, but are standard for professional roofers and detecting and repairing roof faults also takes some specialized know-how.

Taking Care of Your Landscape

If you have large trees on your property, you are probably very proud of them and enjoy their beauty and the shade that they offer. However, those large old trees can also be dangerous during stormy periods – the high winds associated with storms can easily tear off large limbs and drop them on your roof, causing cracks, dents, holes or even more serious damage in your roof and the presence of trees also increases the amount of dirt, dried leaves and twigs that might accumulate on your roof. The solution is simple: check your trees, especially the ones that have limbs overhanging your roof and cut off the limbs that seem weak, ill or just grow in the wrong direction.

Treat Your Roof with Protective Coating

Water damage is among the major threats that come with the stormy season – water can find even the tiniest crack or hole and enter the deeper layers of your roof or of your building. The best way to prevent that is to apply a suitable sealant on the roof surface. After your roof has been cleaned and inspected and all the minor and major roofing faults have been remedied, you can choose a water-proofing roof coating and apply it on the structure. These coating products come in many varieties, such as acrylic, urethane and silicone products, but they are all very easy to apply, either with a roller or from a can, with methods similar to applying paint. Many roof coating products are available in transparent as well as in colored versions – if you pick a coating in a color that matches your overall building design, the coating will refresh the appearance of your entire property.