Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Colorado – Types and Benefits

Whether it is a carport, a shed, a barn, a garage or a larger building that serves commercial or industrial purposes, a building used for commercial activities or a residential construction, a metal building makes an excellent solution. Steel constructions, especially pre-fabricated steel buildings are becoming more and more popular nowadays – small wonder, they are versatile, low-cost, low-maintenance constructions that are erected very quickly, too.

When it comes to pre engineered steel buildings Colorado companies offer a very wide range of different types and sizes – here are the most common building types and a few of the most important benefits of using a steel building.

Types of Steel Buildings
Steel buildings can be classified based on scope of usage and structure, the shape of the building being only a matter of design added to the basic structure. Given the versatility of these structures, we can confidently say that they can be used for any purpose – they are just as commonly used as residential buildings, office buildings, storage units and carports as they are used for industrial, commercial, agricultural and entertainment purposes or as sporting facilities.

In terms of structure, steel buildings come in two forms: clear span buildings that use large overhead beams for support and don’t need any internal support and multiple span structures that rely not only on the side walls and overhead beams, but also use interior support columns.

When it comes to building shape, steel buildings come in two major forms: straight-walled buildings and arched structures, also called Quonset huts (named after the town the first building of this type was erected after World War I) or Nissen huts (named after the architect who invented them). Straight-walled structures are the preferred choice for space-intensive applications such as industrial facilities or large barns, while arched structures allow for more variety in terms of external appearance and they are easier to integrate with existing architecture.

The Benefits of Steel Buildings
Pre-engineered steel buildings come with lots of benefits over conventional buildings:
–    They are easy to assemble
–    Assembly is also very quick
–    They are dependable, solid and require very little maintenance
–    They are resistant to the elements such as wind, snow, termites, earthquakes and others
–    They are durable – unlike wooden frames, steel frames don’t split, crack or twist over time, so they will last longer than most other building types
–    Varied shapes and design solutions – steel allows for extraordinary variety when it comes to design, both structural types can be matched to attractive shapes and design solutions
–    Versatility – they can be used for almost any scope
–    They are economical – they cost much less to buy and erect than any other type of building and with the right type of insulation they can be made very energy-efficient as well.

The wide range of pre-engineered steel buildings Colorado vendors offer guarantee that you will find what you are looking for – local providers work with the best architects and technicians to create the metal building that meets and exceeds your expectations and will serve you well for decades to come.